Gift policy event calls for more transparency around the holidays

The Integrity Academy held a remote event on the practical application of gift policies in organisations. This topic is relevant not only in the run-up to Christmas, when it is customary to give and receive gifts, but also throughout the year. The event was attended by more than 1 200 people from the public sector and business with an interest in gift policy.

The event focused on those working in the public sector, who are restricted by law from accepting gifts that are related to their job functions. The role of organisations in properly applying and communicating internal gift policies to employees and partners was discussed. It also presents the business approach and practices on gift policy issues when gifts are given and received by the private sector.

Juozas Berenta, Head of the Immunity Unit of the Special Investigation Service, shared his expert knowledge and encouraged people working for the State to learn how to say thank you without a gift. Sonata Petniūnaitė, Head of the Prevention Department Group of the State Enterprise “Registrų centras”, said that the implementation of the gift policy is not about prohibiting and punishing, but about educating and raising awareness among employees. Edmundas Bogavičius, Corruption Prevention/Compliance Officer at VĮ Regitra, said that clients who want to thank employees for a job well done are encouraged to use other ways of thanking them that do not involve gifts. Neringa Bogdevičienė, Ethics and Compliance Officer at Telia Lietuva AB, noted that as the festive period approaches, it is worth remembering the basic guidelines for giving business gifts, but even if you are well aware of the rules of responsible gift giving and accepting, you must remember the most important one – to share your care and attention to others during the holidays.


– It is important to educate and raise awareness rather than punish or prohibit employees from receiving gifts.

– A pre-trial investigation or an official inquiry into the acceptance of a “gift” is a sign of a gap in the organisation’s culture and corruption prevention;

– To say “thank you”, leave a nice review or write a sincere greeting instead of a gift to say thank you;

– Clear communication within the organisation, both internally (to employees) and externally (to customers, partners), is essential for the implementation of a gift policy.